Prevailing Wage Will Reunite Families and Raise Our Standard of Living

By Providing a Pathway to a More Secure Life

Prevailing wage ensures that West Virginians get the first shot at good-paying jobs on tax-funded public works projects. It also provides health care coverage and retirement benefits to those working on these projects. So instead of being forced to leave West Virginia to find work, our family members can live and work here at home where they belong. Prevailing wage keeps West Virginia Families together. 

By Increasing Apprenticeship Training Opportunities

Local contractors working on West Virginia public, prevailing wage infrastructure projects support high-quality apprenticeship training programs. Apprentices earn while they learn. Prevailing wage puts young people to work here at home.

By Increasing Quality Work and Better Value for WV Residents

Highly skilled and trained through years of focused study, skilled apprentices become masters of their craft – bringing quality and professionalism to the job site. These workers are certified drug-free and safety-trained. Competent, safe, drug-free workers complete public works projects on time and on budget – making the most of our tax dollars.

By “Leveling the Playing Field”

Prevailing wage levels the playing field for West Virginia contractors competing for tax-funded infrastructure projects. It stops unscrupulous, out-of-state contractors from using low-wage, imported workers to gain an unfair advantage over ethical, local contractors. Unscrupulous contractors and their untrained workers take the money and run, leaving shoddy work and struggling local economies behind them.

Our local contractors are private-sector job creators who invest in apprentice training and employ local workers. Local workers pay local taxes and spend their paychecks at local businesses. Prevailing wage keeps our tax dollars in our communities – raising the standard of living for all West Virginians.

West Virginia needs prevailing wage! And West Virginia needs your help to restore this beneficial law. Please sign our petition at https://restorewv.com/petition/.

Find your West Virginia representatives here and reach out to them to let them know you would like them to reinstate the Prevailing Wage Law.

You can help restore the Prevailing Wage Law by signing the petition. Sign your name, share with your friends, and let’s restore the Prevailing Wage Law to help keep our young people here and move West Virginia forward.