Month: December 2021

Building Trades Apprenticeship Programs – The Pathway to a Better Life

In America, we encourage and celebrate a college education. College may be an option for those with the desire and family resources a university degree requires. But a new national study finds that union apprenticeship programs in the construction trades result in a quality of life equal to that of a college graduate. The Illinois Economic Policy Institute found that graduates of joint labor-management apprenticeship programs in the construction industry ... Continue Reading »

Hospitals Can Rebound from Covid-19 with Prevailing Wage 

West Virginia Hospitals Are Struggling

The Mountain State has one of the highest rates of sickness and death from COVID-19 in the country. The Delta variant has stressed our already strained health care system, which has seen small hospitals close and pushed larger facilities to the brink of collapse. Covid-19 has added to the cost of running a hospital. Needs for personal protective equipment have increased, as have ... Continue Reading »

Bright Futures Made Possible by Prevailing Wage

There’s a way to provide a future for young West Virginians, ensure they have good-paying jobs, and prepare them for the future. It’s called prevailing wage. Prevailing wage is the minimum hourly wage that contractors working on government-funded infrastructure projects pay local workers. Prevailing wage ensures local workers are paid fairly – based on a regional survey of rates for their particular level of skill and experience. Local contractors ... Continue Reading »