Quality, Efficiency and Private Sector Job Creation

Take Me Home, Country Roads

It’s more than just a line from a beloved song. Driving home on our country roads is part of our everyday experience as West Virginians. And in many cases, so is dodging potholes, avoiding slips and taking detours.

More than Roads

65% of US cities have either delayed or canceled improvements to their roads, bridges, water and sewer systems, electrical grids and other infrastructure. West Virginia is no exception. So, it’s more important than ever to make the most of our tax dollars when funding road and infrastructure improvements.

Funding Infrastructure Improvements

We can fund our infrastructure improvements by putting more tax-paying West Virginians to work. More working West Virginians means more tax revenue to support infrastructure maintenance and improvements. And a solid infrastructure attracts tax-paying businesses who, in turn, hire even more tax-paying West Virginians.

Ensuring Efficiency and Quality

Funding is half the solution. The other half is making sure we get the biggest bang for our tax buck with top quality and efficiency, as we restore our roads, bridges and other critical infrastructure.

We Can Do Both

We can put more West Virginians to work to generate greater tax revenue and make sure we get the best value for our tax dollar by restoring our Prevailing Wage Law. A law the repealers in our State Legislature eliminated in 2016, while ignoring the fact that prevailing wage has proven to be a great economic development tool.

What Is Prevailing Wage

Simply put, a Prevailing Wage Law ensures that workers are paid a fair wage based on a regional survey of rates. In other words, the going rate. The effectiveness of prevailing wage in attracting highly skilled workers and producing the greatest bang for the taxpayer’s buck has been demonstrated in state after state.

An analysis of Federal Highway Administration data found that states that employed skilled workers had a lower cost per mile for highway construction than those who employed unskilled workers. That’s a boon for taxpayers, businesses and local communities.

Why It Matters

Not only does a prevailing wage law guarantee the wisest use of our tax dollars, it ensures that local workers get first crack at taxpayer-funded highway and infrastructure projects. These are skilled local workers, who pay local taxes and spend their paychecks here at home.

Join With Us to Restore West Virginia

States that have adopted Prevailing Wage Law are prospering and West Virginians are watching, asking questions and raising their voices to support the restoration of our own Prevailing Wage Law. You can join with them by adding your name to our petition. Please get on board and help us to restore the Prevailing Wage Law to Restore West Virginia!

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