A Game Changer for West Virginia

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A Game Changer for West Virginia

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A Game Changer for West Virginia

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Responsible Stewardship of Our Tax Dollars

Big Price Tags – Few Details

Check your news feed or pick up a newspaper and you’re sure to find a story about some huge federal or state project with price tags so large that you can hardly wrap your mind around the figures. Are our tax dollars being used wisely? Do we know what we’re getting for our tax dollars?

Where Does It All Go?

In West Virginia alone, billions of tax dollars are spent each year on public works projects that include local roads, bridges, and schools and other public infrastructure. But there are some very upsetting facts about this spending.

Bad Decision

Right now, West Virginians are losing millions of dollars in personal income and tax revenue because of an ill-advised decision that eliminated West Virginia’s Prevailing Wage Law in 2016. A recent study estimated that our state is losing between $55 to $84 million a year to out-of-state companies due to the repeal of this important law.

West Virginia Jobs Lost

It’s not just our tax revenue we’re losing – it’s jobs. For four years West Virginia industry has watched local jobs steadily go to fly-by-night, out-of-state companies who import workers from other states and even other countries. Along with our local jobs, we’re losing employment taxes typically paid by local workers.

Lost Value

Because we’ve lost our Prevailing Wage Law, low-wage, unskilled, imported workers are now building our schools, paving our roads and constructing our bridges. In some documented cases, the work they had done had to be redone, meaning overruns that cost us taxpayers double!

What Can We Do?

We can turn this bus around. We can be among those successful states that use their citizen’s hard-earned tax dollars wisely. But we must all speak up. You can help West Virginia move forward by adding your name to our petition to restore West Virginia’s Prevailing Wage Law. Please get on board and help us to restore prevailing wage to Restore West Virginia!

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