Creating Private Sector Jobs Here At Home

Why Certain States Prosper

Look around. We’re surrounded by states that have better access to quality health care; more educational opportunities for their kids; better roads and plenty of good-paying jobs. These states retain their best and brightest. Meanwhile we’re losing ours. What are they doing right?

What’s the Secret?

States that have a Prevailing Wage Law are prospering – it’s as simple as that. Prevailing Wage Law ensures that local workers are paid a fair wage based on a regional survey of rates for their particular level of skill and experience. In other words, the “going rate.”

A Stronger Middle Class

Prevailing Wage Law strengthens the middle-class and generates tax revenue that supports quality schools, hospitals and local community services. And guess what? All this attracts private sector businesses, which invest and reinvest in these states, creating even more opportunities.

West Virginia Had a Successful Prevailing Wage Law

Yes, that right. West Virginia had a Prevailing Wage Law that was producing jobs and tax revenue. Unfortunately, some short-sighted legislators repealed our law with disastrous results for West Virginia families. And the tax savings they promised never materialized.

How to Restore West Virginia’s Law

All across the state, West Virginians are raising their voices to support the restoration of our Prevailing Wage Law. Everyone knows this law is a reset for our state – an economic engine that can move us forward and benefit us all.

You can help restore prevailing wage by adding your name to our petition and joining the thousands of Mountaineers who are speaking up for our middleclass. Help us to restore the Prevailing Wage Law to Restore West Virginia!

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